About New Breed

Explore this new world with us

We opened New Breed because it’s exactly the sort of place we love visiting. So don’t see us as shop-owners, but fellow fans of independent, under-the-radar drinks.

You won’t find high street brands at our place. If you’ve seen it in the supermarket or the off-licence on the corner, it won’t be on our shelves. What you will find though are craft beers, natural wines and artisan spirits that taste far, far better. And with a range that’s ever-changing, there’ll always be a reason to pop back. 

So next time you need to stock up for the evening, skip the four-for-a-fiver off-licence, avoid the supermarket standard selection, and drop in to our place. You can have a drink or two in our tap room to explore our latest arrivals, making sure you always head home with the perfect choice.

So forget the old way. Reject the generic. Join the New Breed.

We hope to see you soon...

Neil and Mikey